Why Reading to Your Baby is Important

1. Introduction

Hi beautiful Mumma,

If you’re looking for ways to bond with your bub during pregnancy... singing, talking, or reading to them can be a great idea.

(Those tiny ears can hear you from about 18 weeks, after all)

But...if reading to your growing belly isn’t your thing, not to worry, it’s perfectly fine to wait until they’re snuggled in your arms before you start working your way through the bookshelf.

Not only can reading to your baby become a relaxing routine for you both, but research has shown there are many other benefits for bub.

(Yep, even if they have no clue what you’re saying just yet)


2. Here are just a few

- It creates beautiful bonding time between you and your baby

- Introduces your baby to new words, colours, and shapes

- Builds their communication skills eg. listening, vocabulary and memory

- Encourages your baby to make new sounds, the first step in learning to talk

- Helps with their brain development

- Introduces your baby to a variety of emotions and different tones

- Teaches your baby that from an early age, reading is fun

Here are just a few

3. Quick tips for reading to bub

- Read slowly, and have fun - use lots of expression and different tones in your voice

- Don’t rush through the pages, let your baby take in all the new colours and pictures

- Turn off any background noises (TV, music, etc) it will help your baby hear clearly while also creating a relaxing space

- Go off script and describe what else you see on the page, the more words your baby hears the better after all

Quick tips for reading to bub

4. What to read

In the early newborn days, feel free to read whatever you like. It’s less about the storyline, and more about hearing your voice, new words, and sounds, all while creating a nice routine for you both.

When you move on to more age-appropriate books - here are some of our faves, tried and tested by our very own sweet babes.

'If animals kissed goodnight'

'The very hungry caterpillar'

'Rainbow Fish'

'Hello Farm'

All of these books can be found on Amazon!

What to read